Privacy Policy

Why Does Cash for Cars Anderson County Collect Your Data?

You love the personal experience we deliver with our products and services, and data collection makes that possible. Cash for Cars Anderson County will ask you for a variety of information and track some parts of your visit – like your browser, cookies or your IP address – to ensure we continue to deliver an amazing experience. 

Data collection on our forms is used to better understand who you are and sometimes to make sure we keep up with legal requirements – sometimes services are limited by where you live or we may need to make sure we're applying the right amount of tax to your purchase. 

Sometimes we'll ask for emails or social media information to help us know which of our followers are people and not robots. Thankfully, we're not robots and we may reward the other non-robots on these accounts.

How Do We Protect Your Information?

Reading that we collect your data can be a little confusing, but Cash for Cars Anderson County wants to let you know that we take many steps to keep your information secure. Not only do we use secure servers to transmit your data, but we have strict policies about who can access any information. 

We only share your data when you tell us it's okay, and we never sell it. Our partners may receive some of your information in order to give you options for great sales, but we strictly control what information we provide. Cash for Cars Anderson County can't always control what a partner does, but we do control what information we pass on. If you see something you don't like, let us know and we'll see about changing it.

You Can Control Access

Part of Cash for Cars Anderson County's commitment to protecting your information is making sure you're in the driver seat. When you fill out forms or link your social accounts, we always ask if it's okay to share your information with our partners. When you say “No,” we stop right there.If you've said “Yes” in the past but are concerned or change your mind, just contact us. A Cash for Cars Anderson County representative will help you opt-out.

Things Change, Including This Policy

From time to time Cash for Cars Anderson County will need to update this policy to reflect company and technology changes. We reserve the right to change it at any time, without notifying you. We may post significant changes to our home page or blog, but be sure to check back here regularly for the best understanding of what we do with customer and visitor information.